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BACK TO SCHOOL - Parking: 101

Parking 101:
As a school community we put the utmost importance on our students' safety. In order to maximize the safety of our kids, we respectfully ask for parents and community members to please obey all traffic signs in and around Holy Family School.

HANDICAP: You must have a valid Handicap tag to use this spot, all others may be ticketed. Please be courteous to those who need this space to get kids to and from school.
PEDESTRIANS: Please do not park on Pedestrian Crosswalks. They are difficult to see in the snow, but there are signs. It's important to keep these clear for pedestrians.
THE LOOP: The loop in front of our school has parking on one side only. There can be no parking on the west side of this small street. There are signs that indicate No Stopping on the fence.
STAFF PARKING: The staff parking lot is for STAFF ONLY. Please do not park, and wait for your children in this parking lot. It is our policy to not mix busses, staff, and parent parking for safety reasons.
Thank you for your patience with our parking lot, and if you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs Daniel or Mrs Meyer at the school. 403-341-3777

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