Our Parish Life

At our school, the staff demonstrates leadership in the promotion of Catholic Education in the school and the community.

In our classrooms, religion, prayer and reflection are part of our daily activities. Where possible, Catholic values and viewpoints are integrated into any classroom activities.

Everyone who enters knows that Jesus is the reason for our school!

K4J Children's Ministry Program

St. Mary’s Parish is excited to announce the start of our new K4J Children’s Ministry program. K4J is a monthly program that seeks to help young children in Grades 1-5 gain an understanding of the Catholic teachings on virtues. Youth in Grade 6 students and up are welcome to join as K4J Captains, taking on a leadership role in the program as volunteers. The goal of K4J is to provide an engaging, age-appropriate and interactive environment for children to experience the Catholic faith. All children are welcome to join us for this program!