Welcome to the Spring 2023 Holy Family Digital Read-A-Thon! The Read-A-Thon starts April 17!!!

The Read-A-Thon has two goals:

1.  Get kids excited about daily reading

2.  Raise money for Holy Family School. The money raised from last year’s fundraisers was used to purchase a washer and dryer, chrome books and covid friendly musical instruments, helping families in need in our community, and much more.

Please help to make our Read-A-Thon a success by helping your child set a reading goal then asking family and friends for sponsorship.  

To get started, please go to and set up your child’s online Read-A-Thon account. The Read-a-Thon website is being generously hosted by Nathan at Davies Technologies. Log into your child's account to record daily reading minutes, collect online donations and enter to win prizes. The following are brief ‘how to videos’ to help you navigate the digital Read-a-Thon. 

Logging In and Viewing

Making and Viewing Donations

Important Read-A-Thon Dates:

-April 17 (8am) to May 8 (4pm): HFS Read-A-Thon (Read and Fundraise)

-May 8 (4pm): Your child’s online Read-A-Thon account will be frozen and ballots earned will be automatically calculated. Please make sure all reading minutes and donations are received before 4pm on May 8th. Your child will not be able to submit reading minutes or donations after this time. 

-May 15 (8am) - May 18 (4pm): Online prize store opens May 15 at 8am and closes on May 18 at 4pm.  When your child logs into their account on May 15, they will see how many ballots they earned.  Make sure your child applies all their earned ballots before May 18 at 4pm. 

-May 26: Prize winners will be announced.

Please visit the FAQ section of your Read-A-Thon account if you have any questions. Thanks for your support and helping to make this year’s Read-A-Thon paperless!