Our School

Grades Taught

Kindergarten - Grade 5


We welcome students of all faiths who desire Catholic Education. We are a Kindergarten to Grade 5 Elementary School.


Where all Students Learn Through Christ.


The mission of Holy Family School is to ensure that all children learn by teaching to the body, mind and spirit of each child, inspiring their interests and fostering positive relationships through effective communication and collaboration.


Our Principles of Practice guide us in all that we do!

  • We honour our children.
  • We provide a safe and secure environment.
  • We live and proudly proclaim our Catholic faith.
  • We provide quality education in a Catholic environment.
  • We pray as an educational community.
  • We practice servant-leadership.
  • We focus on our mission through clarity of purpose.
  • We value our staff.


Our staff believes that all children can learn. Our school and staff work very hard to ensure that our students are learning in a measurable way, and this growth can be proven to the student, their parents, and the staff. Holy Family School is committed in helping kids foster a positive relationship with Christ by teaching to their individual body, mind, and spirit and fostering a love of Christ, ensuring that they see their lives as a journey of service to God. The positive relationships our staff create through their interactions with students and parents help create a personalized learning environment where all students experience the joy of our Holy Family Community. We pray that through our commitment to Catholic Education, the sense of community fostered at Holy Family School goes beyond our students' time here and carries forward with them throughout their lives.