About our School Council

The council is instrumental in supporting various services and fundraising activities. The funds are used for the purchase of extra items and services, which increase the quality of school life and are not possible through the regular school budget. The School Council forms numerous committees which provide specialized service. 

All parents are welcome to make suggestions to the council and to get involved in any of the project committees. 

The model we have adopted in keeping with the provincial mandate for Alberta schools is a town hall model. With this model, all parents are invited to be part of the councilThere is an executive comprised of a chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer, faith representative, social justice coordinator, public relations representative and a secretary. 

The council provides an advisory function to the principal and staff on matters of school operation and also provides opportunities for family activities throughout the year. 

The model encourages the formation of many small special project activities to implement various activities throughout the year. Our objective is to involve a great many parents, for a shorter commitment of time. 

Any parents wanting to become involved to enhance the school's culture are invited to attend the monthly meetings. It is a great opportunity for any parent to be involved as ambassadors of Holy Family School!

All information regarding agendas, meetings, and opportunities for involvement are posted on the School Council bulletin board in the atrium. Parents are encouraged to check the board regularly for information about School Council activities. 

School Council Representatives

Executive Positions:

  • Melanie Wagner, Chairperson
  • Leanne Lewis, Vice-Chairperson
  • Sarah Mack, Secretary
  • Jenny Nelson, Treasurer


  • Kristine Barnhart, Faith/Social Justice Coordinator
  • Heather Reynolds, Social Media
  • Jenny Nelson and Sarah Mack, Hot Lunch Coordinator
  • Mike Cellini, Administrative Team Principal
  • Rori-Lynn Daniel, Administrative Team Vice-Principal
  • Betna Huddleston, Teacher Representative